2006, May 19

Singer Kim Hyun-jung released a dance album entitled “2006 Dance with Hyun-jung” online and offline Wednesday.

With the album, comprising a collection of dance songs, Kim set her sights on a niche market, deviating from the popular trend of ballad songs. Currently, ballad singers such as SG Wanna Be, Buzz, Kim Jong-kook, Geomi and Vibe dominate the music ranking charts, and Shinhwa and Baek Ji-young, who were typically known as dancer/singers, released ballad albums.

Kim also initially considered making a recording of ballad songs. “I have agonized over whether to keep pursuing my career as a dancer/singer or to follow the current trend. But I decided that my specialty is dance songs and that is what my fans want from me,” she said. For the latest album, Kim worked with composer Lee Yong-min, who has produced numerous hit dance songs.

A producer of a music channel said, “Kim Hyun-jung’s album even feels refreshing amongst the heap of ballad works.”

The recording contains 15 songs: eight new songs, two remix version of new songs and five remakes of her previous hit songs. The album is not monotonous even though it is filled entirely with dance songs.

The title song is the rock-based house dance song “Cheer up, Hyun-jung.” The song originally had another title. But after Kim was hospitalized due to fatigue and a gastric ulcer, her fans put up posters reading “Cheer up, Hyun-jung ” on the streets. Deeply moved by the event, Kim changed the title of the song.

Other new songs include “Do Better,” “Steal a Kiss,” and “It’s Her.” The remade songs are “Love for Seven Years,” “Agony” and “The Truth and Techniques.”

Kim’s agent Him Entertainment said that Kim wants to encourage and give support to women, people in general and even the Korean national soccer squad with uplifting tunes.

Kim plans to promote her new album through her music videos, not through broadcasts, since she is still under treatment.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1397356_11858.html

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