2006, May 19

Singer Rain has been planning to advance into the world market. But he has recently given up a chance to perform at a world-renowned music festival in order to keep a promise with his fans in Korea.

Rain has been invited to "Rock in Rio," a world-renowned rock music festival in Portugal to be held from May 26 to June 4, a first for an Asian artist. "Rock in Rio" is a world-class rock festival attended only by top artists from the U.S. and Britain, as well as Portugal and Brazil, the original host country of the festival. Rain was invited to the festival following his solo performance at Madison Square Garden in New York, another first for an Asian artist.

Rain was supposed to perform at "World Stage," one of the festival’s three stages alongside "Hot Stage" and "Electronic Tent." He was supposed to perform on June 4, the final day of the festival. But the organizers asked Rain to move the date to May 26, the first day of the festival, with the purpose of having Rain perform with Shakira and Jamiroquai, whose performing style is similar to that of Rain.

But Rain decided to give up attending "Rock in Rio" after the schedule was changed, because he believed he would have a very tight schedule for his fan meeting slated for May 28 in Korea if he attended the festival in Portugal.

An official from Rain’s agency, JYP Entertainment, said, "With much attention given to ‘Rock in Rio,’ Rain had made many preparations. But he could not change his schedule due to his fan meeting. He wanted to keep his promise with his fans in Korea." The organizers of "Rock in Rio" expressed regret at Rain’s rejection of the invitation, while expressing the wish to invite him again in 2008 when the next festival will be held.

"Rock in Rio" started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1985. Since then, four such festivals have been held until 2004. "Rock in Rio" has been loved by many fans around the world, as it is a festival where top-notch musicians, such as Sting, Prince, George Michael, Britney Spears and N Sync, have performed.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1397400_11858.html