For those of you living in London, The London Korean Film festival runs from 22nd – 26th May 2006 and shows some of the releases from Korea from over the last year. A total of 9 films are being shown, and for easy reference I’ve listed the schedule below:

The films are showing at the Prince Charles Theatre, which is just off Leicester Square.

22/05 (Monday): 20.30 Yeon-Ae-Ui Mok-Jeok (Rules Of Dating) (18)

23/05 (Tuesday): 18.00 Bark-Su-Chil Ttae Tteo-Na-Ra (Murder Take One) (15)
23/05 (Tuesday): 20.40 Nae Saeng-Ae Ga-Jang Ah-Reum-Da-Un Ll-Ju-Il (All For Love) (15)

24/05 (Wednesday): 18.30 Delkom Salbeolhan Yeon-In (My Scary Girl) (18)
24/05 (Wednesday): 21:00 Bang-Gwa-Hoo Ock-Sang (See You After School) (15)

25/05 (Thursday): 18:30 Ssa-Uhm-Ui-Gi-Seul (Art Of Fighting) (15)
25/05 (Thursday): 20:50 Sarangeul, Nochida (Lost In Love) (15)

26/05 (Friday): 18:30 Yeon-Ae (Love Is A Crazy Thing) (18)
26/05 (Friday): 21:00 Oh-Ro-Ra-Gong-Joo (Princess Aurora) (18)

The Annual event is organised by Korean Anglican Community Centre and sponsored by Samsung. The free tickets (yes, you heard right – free) are issued on a first come, first served basis, so its best to get there early to ensure you get a seat.

The film festival is part of a larger Annual London Korean Event, details of which can be found here: along with details of the films being shown.

Credit to jiejunwoo for the information