Our featured artist of the week is the modern rock co-ed trio Loveholic. Like Clazziquai we featured 2 weeks ago, Loveholic also has a unique brand of music. Debuted in 2003, this group immediately caught my attention with their first song "Loveholic", which is the same title as the name of the group. The song has a very catchy intro which you will remember easily. This hit makes Loveholic an overnight success. Their 2nd album is more pop-oriented with mixed reviews, but still produced the top 10 hit "Sky". The trio recently released their 3rd album with the hit "차라의숲" (Chara’s Forest). They also participate in the OST of the KBS drama "Spring Waltz". Let’s find out more about them: 

Member’s Profile:
Name: Kang Hyun-min
Date of birth : September 15th, 1969
Physique : 175cm, 65Kg
Blood type : O
Hobbies : Watching videos, lying down
Debut song : "A Small Dream" (Silver Prize winning song of the 3rd Yoo Jae-ha Music Contest)
Motto : Be honest and do the best.
Favorite things : Musical notes for released songs, 3 guitars
Favorite musicians : U2, Oasis, Radiohead, Beatles, Deulgookhwa, One Day
Favorite musical genres : Modern Rock, Hip-hop

Name: Lee Jae-hak
Date of birth : December 31st, 1971
Physique : 178cm, 67kg
Place of birth : Seoul
Blood type : A
Hobbies : Computer games, video games
Motto : Truth works.
Education : Department of Horticulture, Chungang University.

Name: Jisun
Real name : Hwang Ji-sun
Date of birth : October 23rd
Blood type : B
Religion : Christianity
Hobbies : Cooking, painting, humming
Talents : Playing the guitar, bass, drum and keyboard
Favorite sports : Swimming, snowboarding
Favorite colors : Purple, pink
Favorite animal : Cats
Favorite musicians : Lisa Loeb, Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple, Shawn Colvin, Jewel, Corrs, Jamiroquai, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton

Kang Hyun-min made his debut as a pop musician by winning the silver prize at the 3rd Yoo Jae-ha Music Contest. As a professional pop musician, Kang performed as a member and song-writer of a male duo called “Ilkiyebo(meaning ‘weather forecast’)” releasing a total of 5 albums. In 2001, Kang also released a solo album. He is also well-known for having produced various music for many singers including The The, Park Hye-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, Lee Moon-se, Suh Young-eun, K2, Park Ki-young, Sung Si-kyung and Yim Hyoung-joo. Kang has been working in various fields of the pop music industry also creating music for various films like Christmas in August, A Pure Love Story and The Wonderful Days. Lee Jae-hak is a veteran songwriter who had formerly performed as a member of a band called “The Elephant.” Kang and Lee were looking for the perfect voice when Jisun, who had been singing at Hongdae clubs, was auditioned. Although the three were coming from different walks the group hit it off right from the start. Kang and Lee had been longing to start a band, something not Korean but at the same time as Korean as the direction they were projected in, and Jisun, who had the voice they had been looking for, joining the band gave them that extra boost of momentum. Loveholic agrees that they have grown used to and are comfortable in each other’s company. Just as their relationship has matured and developed, their music feels at home in its skin. No longer are they three talented musicians, but one band that shines in its own unique way.

Florist (1st album, 2003) : Loveholic, Comer Over, Rainy Day, Dream, Sad Story

Invisible Things (2nd album, 2004) : Sky, Want You Here, Blue, Bless You, Kiss Me Hold Me, Sylvia

Nice Dream (3rd album, 2006): Chara’s Forest

Credits to: KBS WORLD

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