2006, May 24

"A Better Tomorrow" (1986), a representative film noir in Hong Kong, will be remade in Korea.

According to Hollywood Report on May 24, Finger Print, a Korean film production agency, will produce a new film based on remake rights to "A Better Tomorrow" (directed by John Woo), which it recently bought from Fortune Star Entertainment in Hong Kong.

"A Better Tomorrow" starring Zhou Runfa (also known as Chow Yun Fat) and Zhang Guorong is a representative film that symbolizes the heyday of Hong Kong filmdom in the 1980s. Through this film, Zhou and Zhang emerged as top movie stars, Zhou because of his characteristic action scenes with his signature dark glasses and trench coat and Zhang for his handsome face. Director Woo saw the groundwork laid for his advance into Hollywood.

Hollywood Report said top film producers had recently engaged in fierce competition over the remake rights to "A Better Tomorrow," and that Finger Print, the winner of the remake rights, will begin production of the remake in late 2007, with the set goal of releasing it in December 2008.

Park Hyung-joon, the president of Finger Print, successfully wrapped up negotiations on the remake rights at the current 59th Cannes Film Festival, saying, "I’m honored to remake one of the best films in the history of Hong Kong. I hope this surprising story will be introduced to new young audiences."

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1398147_11858.html