5/22/06 – Cha In Pyo will lead the Korea-China collaborated drama “Kind Heart in the War (봉화적자심, 烽火赤子心)”. This drama portrays the story of Yoon Bong Gil (윤봉길) who was a Korean hero during the war between Korea and Japan happened during 1930s.

CIP plays Yoon Bong Gil, and he will start filming the drama in July in China. The cast includes actors and actresses from China and Taiwan, plus young actress Jo Jung Eun (조정은) who played Jang Geum’s daughter in MBC drama “Dae Jang Geum”. This drama will be aired in China. The production companies are “Image Maker Corporation LTD. (상하이승강영시기지유한공사, 上海勝强影視基地有限公司)” of China and JIP’s agency “Sego Entertainment (세고엔터테인먼트)”.