5/23/06 – On 5/23, the entertainment company “Star Max (스타맥스)” announces that Kim Hee Sun and Park Ji Yoon (박지윤) are selected to costar in the 24-episode historical drama “Haeuhwa – Beautiful Woman (해어화, 解語花)” scheduled to be aired by MBC around the beginning of 2007.

The drama portrays the success story of 4 heroines being the first class Kisaeng (기생, 妓生), a kind of Korean geisha, in Chosun era. The script writer is Kim Sung Hee (김성희) who wrote for SBS drama “Hong Kong Express”. KHS plays the role So Yun (소연) who resolves the resentment for her deceased father. PJY plays the role Eun Hyang (은향) who came out of poor and low class and then serves as So Yun’s maid. The other two heroines are Ja Woon (자운) and Aeng Doo (앵두). The name “Haeuhwa (해어화, 解語花)” is a kind of flower, and people call a “beautiful woman” as “Haeuhwa”. The “First Class Kisaeng (일패기생, 一牌妓生)” is a woman well educated on dancing, sound, skills, and knowledge. The representative of “Star Max” states, “This drama re-illuminates the true art of the first class Kisaeng of our traditional culture.”