2006, May 26

A telephone poll shows that Lee Young-ae and Song Seung-heon are the Thai people’s favorite Korean actors.

The company Korea Thailand Communication Center conducted the poll of 180 Thai people living in Bangkok from May 22 to 23.

Some 28.9 percent of the respondents picked Lee Young-ae as their favorite Korean actor, followed by Song Seung-heon with 11.1 percent.

The Korean historical drama Daejanggeum (A Jewel In Palace) starring Lee was broadcast in Thailand in mid-October last year and was re-broadcast recently at the request of viewers.

Singer Rain, who played the male lead of the drama “Full House” and gave a solo concert in Bangkok in February, came in third. Actors Won Bin, So Ji-seop, Song Hye-kyo and Ji Jin-hee, and singers Sim Eun-jin, Shinhwa and Dongbangshinki were also named.

The reputation of Song Seung-heo is attributable to his impressive acting in the dramas “An Autumn Fairy Tale” and “The Scent of Summer” and the film “Make It Big.”

Some 78 percent of the respondents answered that they know of Rain, reflecting the popularity of the Korean singer in the Southeast Asian country. Fifty-five percent of the respondents in their 40s also said that they know of the singer.

Some 97 percent answered that they have a better image of Korea thanks to Korean drams, films and products.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1398403_11692.html