2006, May 26

Director Kim Ki-deok’s new work “Time” was unveiled in a special preview at the Megabox theater in Samsung-dong, Seoul, at 8 a.m. Thursday. Keen attention was paid to the preview since it is still uncertain whether the film will be released in Korea.

Some 400 people were invited to the preview, which was hosted by film magazine Cine21 and KT & G. Prior to the premiere, director Kim and leading actresses Seong Hyun-ah and Park Ji-hyun took the stage to express their appreciation. But after making a short remark expressing his gratitude, the director left the cinema as soon as the preview began.

Kim has been reluctant to appear in public in Korea since releasing his previous work, “A Bow.” He did not hold a preview of that previous film and has been avoiding contact with local journalists.

The film “Time” has been invited to the 41st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival held in Czechoslovakia as the opening movie, and is being introduced to foreign buyers at the market of the Cannes International Film Festival, which is now underway.

The movie portrays lovers who try to overcome a relationship crisis and rekindle their love by having plastic surgery. Actors Seong Hyun-ah and Ha Jeong-woo play the female and male leads Se-hee and Ji-woo.

Two years after getting together, Se-hee feels that Ji-woo’s love for her has been cooling. Gripped by anxiety, Se-hee makes the extreme decision to have plastic surgery and become a different-looking woman. Six months later, Se-hee approaches Ji-woo to start a new love relationship pretending that she is a different woman.

Against her expectations, Ji-woo cannot forget his "ex"-lover and Se-hee is caught in a dilemma.

No plans to release “Time” in Korea has been made. Kim was very disappointed about the fact that his previous work “A Bow” was judged only by the absolute number of audience members despite the enthusiastic response from fans. Therefore the film “Time” may not be screened in Korea, sources say.

“A Bow” was distributed through the director’s own independent route in May 2005 and screened in three cinemas, drawing 1,643 viewers nationwide.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/society/news/soc_nws.html

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