2006, June 01

The New York Times recently featured an interview with Korean director Bong, Joon-ho after his new film, The Host, was received well by the critics at the Cannes International Film Festival.

"Director Bong has a monster in his head, which helps him make the audience scream and entertain them in that terrific way equaled only by the best Hollywood films," says New York Times in the article published on May 27 (local time).

According to the New York Times, Bong expresses these elements with metaphors and ideas in a very calculated way, and the director is unique in that his film avoids the weird violent scenes other Korean directors often use.

The newspaper also said that the director’s previous film, Memories of Murder, had received an award at the Tokyo International Film Festival in Japan and St. Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, and his other film, Barking Dogs Never Bite, had also received favorable reviews from critics around the world.

The paper also gave a detailed explanation of the reasons why Bong could not major in film and his relationship with other leading Korean directors like Im, Sang-soo, and Park, Chan-wook. Actor Song, Kang-ho commented in the article that the distinct charm of Bong’s films make the audience want to watch them more than once.

Source: http://www.koreacontent.org/weben/inmarket/Ns_knews_view.jsp?news_seq=28817