June 4, 2006

By Cathy Garcia
Staff Reporter

Korea’s first pop-only concert hall, the Seoul-AX, opened with a bang on Friday, as around 2,000 fans flocked to see K-pop star Se7en’s concert.

Wearing a gold trench coat, black glittery top and gold pants, Se7en opened the show with a vibrant performance of his latest hit "I Know" (Nan Arayo).

Se7en’s sharp dance moves drove fans wild as they screamed and waved their bright green 7-shaped glow sticks. The artist has recently become increasingly popular throughout Asia.

K-pop star Se7en, center, performs at the Seoul-AX in Kwangjang-dong,
eastern Seoul, Friday. /Courtesy of YG Entertainment

Se7en’s concert was the first to be held at the brand new music hall in Kwangjang-dong, eastern Seoul. Unlike stadium events holding thousands of concertgoers, the smaller and more intimate Seoul-AX accommodates only 2,000 fans standing. Thus, Se7en was able to visibly interact with fans.

"I love this place. I can see everyone in the crowd. I can see everyone’s eyes. This feels more intimate. I feel closer to you," Se7en told his fans during the concert.

The sound quality at the Seoul-AX is superior to stadium venues, which may be the reason Se7en opted to sing romantic ballads and mid-tempo R&B songs showing off his accomplished vocals.

The 23-year old singer thanked his loyal fans for continuing to support him since his debut in 2003, even if he has been mostly out of Korea in the past year. He also acknowledged his growing Japanese fan base by performing his Japanese single "Hikari." Hundreds of Japanese fans traveled to Seoul for the concert, and were spotted savoring the beat, and singing through the night.

Se7en pulled out all the stops for this concert with magic tricks, and pyrotechnics. He played the drums while singing "Love Story," a song off his latest album "24/7," performed on a floating stage, and even hung off a rope above the crowd while singing.

With all the excitement over the upcoming World Cup, Se7en couldn’t resist including a performance of the Korean national anthem and a rousing medley of victory songs including "Oh Pilsung Korea."

After two and a half hours, a visibly tired but still smiling Se7en ended the show with his popular dance hits "Crazy" and "Passion."

Fans continued to snap up Se7en-related merchandise like towels, photos, T-shirts and even his signature perfume "Touch By Se7en" after the concert. Se7en held three concerts over the weekend.

The Live Star Story 2006 concert series will feature concerts by Gummy, YG Family, DJ Doc & Buda Family, Crying Nut, Deli Spice and N.E.X.T. at Seoul-AX in the coming weeks.


06-04-2006 18:35

Source: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/200606/kt2006060418355711700.htm

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