Our featured artist this week is HOT and JTL member Tony An. Like all other HOT members, Tony has been very successful since turning solo. He recently released his 2nd solo album "유츄프라카치아" (Yutzpracachia’s Love). The title song is top 5 hit. Let’s find out more about Tony:

Name: Ahn Sung-Ho (Tony Ahn)
D.O.B.: 1978.6.7.
Physique: 175cm, 57kg
Education: Dong-Kuk University Master in Stage Directing
Hobbies: Computer games, Driving
Debut: 1996 H.O.T.


Original member of the group ‘H.O.T.’ that started the K-POP movement in the late 90’s and arguably the biggest and the most successful boy-band that Korean music scene has ever seen in recent years, Tony had enjoyed all the pampering that came with of being a ‘Mega Pop-star’. The success of ‘H.O.T.’ was truly unrivaled and never could be repeated by any means but like all things his ride with the group came to an abrupt end in early 2001 when his management ‘SM’ terminated the contract and refused to sign him on with 2 of the others, ‘Jang Woo-Hyuk’ and ‘Lee Jae-Won’ which signalled the beginning of his 2nd phase of his career as a trio project, ‘JTL’.

The project group ‘JTL’ has been greeted by the fans with mixed feelings and made the debut in 2001 with their 1st album, ‘Enter the Dragon’. In this album, Tony reinvents himself as a true performer in the form of the lead vocalist of the group, a contrast from the days in ‘H.O.T.’ where he was limited to sub-vocals and english rap. However, all was not that easy as ‘JTL’s music video and appearances were boycotted by the opposing camp made up with loyal ‘H.O.T.’ fans and the likes but eventually turned the fortune around when the made their appearance on MBC’s ‘Guerilla Concert’ in front of 12000 fans.

However, the times with his two partners subsided and now he is making his own mark in the music scene. His solo effort ‘Believe’ is star studded, from a song by ‘Jamie Jones’ from "ALL4ONE" to a famous Japanese producer ‘Murayama Shinichi’ and ‘Johan Gunarrsson’ who has been with Tony since the days in ‘JTL’ although he was assigned to work on the new ‘Backstreet Boys’ album.

Tony Ahn says that he can not contain the excitement. Although, his dream of being a musician has been realized and reborn as a businessman running his management company, his wish is to be by his fans and to be able to share his music and vision with them for many years to come.


Vol. 1: I Believe, 2004.10 (Love is beautiful…when you can’t have it, Blue Sky)

Vol. 1.5: Behind the Clouds, 2005.11 (Behind the Clouds)
IPB Image
Vol. 2: 유추프라카치아, 2006.4 (Yutzpracachia’s Love, Remember… I Love You…, People Living Happily Together [duet with May])

credits to KBS World