June 8, 2006

Asian star Rain (24) has been listed on Japan’s Oricon Charts once again.

Rain’s second single album entitled "Free Way" ranked ninth on Oricon’s daily single charts on June 7, the day of its release. His first single album "Sad Tango," which was released on January 25, finished 11th on Oricon’s daily single charts on the day of its release and 14th on Oricon’s weekly charts. His second single album features two songs, "Free Way" and "Feel So Alight."

Rain will leave for Japan to promote his newest single album on June 13. He is scheduled to give interviews to TVs and newspapers there. He will hold a meeting for his Japanese fan club, "Cloud Japan," as well as his birthday party, at Budokan, Tokyo on June 15-16. At the fan meeting on June 16, he will present video images from a photo album entitled "Road For Rain," which is featured in his DVD.

An official from his agency, JYP Entertainment, said, "Rain will return home on June 19 after promoting his newest single album and holding a fan meeting in Japan. Prior to his visit to Japan, Rain will leave for Vietnam on the morning of June 8 to attend the ‘S Phone Forever Concert’ sponsored by SKT (SK Telecom) in Ho Chi Minh, and return home on June 9."

Meanwhile, Rain will release his fourth full-length album in Korea on October 15. He will make a concert tour of 11 Asian nations in December. His debut film entitled "I’m a Cyborg. But That’s OK" directed by Park Chan-wook is expected to be released in December.

 Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1400372_11692.html