6/7/06 – Yoo Dong Geun, Lee Tae Gon, and Hwang In Young (유동근, 이태곤, 황인영) will costar in the large-scale historical drama “Yun Gae So Moon (연개소문, 淵蓋蘇文)” scheduled to be aired by SBS in early July following the final episode of “The Sky”. 

In this drama, YDG plays the main character “Yun Gae So Moon” while LTG plays the youth of the same role. LTG’s portion will be covered from episode 11 to 53.  HIY plays the role Yun Soo Jung (연수정) who is the younger sister of Yun Gae So Moon.  Yun Gae So Moon was the hero of the Koguryu (고구려, 高句麗) era.  Other characters include Euljimoonduk (을지문덕, 乙支文德), Kim Yoo Shin (김유신, 金庾信), Yang Man Choon (양만춘, 梁萬春), Soo Moon Je (수문제, 隋文帝), Tang Tae Jong (당태종, 唐太宗), Gye Baek (계백, 階伯), and Kim Choon Choo.