June 12, 2006

Korean singer Seven has reconsolidated his position as an Asian star at Taiwan’s largest music award ceremony.

Seven was invited to the 17th Golden Melody Awards, which are dubbed "Taiwan’s Grammy Awards," to give a celebratory performance and hand out an award. The Korean singer presented the song “I Know” from his third album and the remix version of “Passion” from his second album in front of 20,000 spectators.

After his performance, Seven joked, “I have never seen an audience concentrating so intently more than you. I was worried if something went wrong on the stage (laughing). I’m gratified with fans’ response to my performance.”

Seven also handed out the New Artist Award together with the Taiwanese female trio S.H.E. The group said that Seven’s singing and dancing were amazing and they felt honored to hand out the award with him.

Seven released a Chinese recording in China in January and plans to introduce the album to Taiwan in July. After returning home on June 11, the singer will appear on MBC’s music program “Show! This is a Music Center” and present his new song “All Night Through” from his third album.

With full support from the Taiwanese government, the Golden Melody Awards has become an international event bringing Asian musicians together. Most recently held in the Taipei Arena on June 10 and aired live on Astro AEC channel, the music festival featured famous Asian singers such as Wang Lee Home, Jacky Cheung, Karen Mok and Matsumoto Jun, a member of Japan’s idol group Arashi.

Meanwhile, the duo “Kangta & Vanness,” comprising Korean singer Kangta and Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu, also gave a celebratory performance at the Taiwanese music show and presented the song “Scandal” in Chinese. The duo released its debut album in Korea in May. The two singers had met at the music awards in 2004 and formed the duo.

Kangta & Vanness said that they were grateful for fans who came and promoted their debut album in Korea for one month. “We will stay in Taiwan for two weeks for promotions and tour China and Japan. And then we will introduce a new song in Korea in mid-July,” the duo said.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1400951_11692.html