Stage Name: Byul (Star)
Real Name: Kim Go Eun
Birthday: October 22, 1983
Height: 163cm
Weight: 48kg
Place of birth : Seosan, South Chungcheong Province
Blood type : A
School: Dong Duk Women’s University
Debut: 2002
Award: 2002 SBS Gayo Daesang New Artist Award
Hobbies : Watching movies, listening to music, writing, reading comics
Motto : Become a person not shameful to myself.
Favorite food : Cold noodles
Favorite color : Purple


Byul is yet another pupil of Park Jin Young (JYP), who produces for G.O.D., Bi, Lim Jung Hee, Park Ji Yoon, etc. In sharp contrast to JYP’s other female artist Lim Jung Hee, Byul has a soft and smooth voice so it is not surprising she is good at singing ballads. She debuted in late 2002 with the song "December 32nd", a song about a girl who is waiting for her lover – instead of getting into the new year, she waited past December 31 into December 32. This catchy song title and its touching melody captured the hearts of many audiences. The song became No. 1 on MBC’s Music Camp late in 2002 – a rare feat for a new female singer. At 2002 year end award shows, Byul won the SBS New Artist award. Many think that her career is really going to take off.

However, after her debut album, she disappeared from the music industry for more than 3 years. Rumors had that JYP wanted to fine tune her vocal skills and she also wanted to concentrate on school at that time. Finally in March 2005, Byul came back to release her 2nd album. The title song "안부" (How are you) featured new R&B artist Na Yoon Kwon. Their vocals matched very well and this duet hit the top 3 on most of the music charts.

Even though Byul had hit songs on both of her first 2 albums, perhaps her most well known song is "I think I" from the hit TV drama "Full House" starring Bi and Song Hye Kyo. Because of this song, many fans from other Asian countries are starting to know Byul, and her 1st and 2nd albums are re-released in the Chinese market. She also appeared on Bi’s "Asian Tour" as the opening act.

Buyl’s fans don’t need to wait another 3 years for her new album. In May 2006, Byul released her 3rd album. This time her image is a lot more matured. At the age of 22, she wants to tell us that she is no longer a little girl. The title song "눈물샘" (Lachrymal Glands) is again storming up the charts. It is a ballad with a latin rhythm and an orchestral arrangement.

Byul Vol. 1, 2002: December 32nd, Why Don’t You Know, Constellations
Byul Vol. 2, 2005: How Are You, I think I, Saving My Best For You, My Friend’s Boyfriend

Byul Vol. 3, 2006: Lachrymal Glands, 괜찮은 오늘 (Feat. MC Mong)

– credits to edward1849

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