2006, June 12

Rising J-pop Korean singer Younha gave a live mini-concert in Tokyo on Friday, where she also held a handshaking session.

Japan’s daily Sankei Shimbun reported Sunday that the concert was organized to mark her sixth single album “Holding Hands,” which was released on June 7, and the handshaking session was arranged at the suggestion of Younha herself. She said she wanted to have the time to hold her fans’ hands, just as described in the title of her album.

Impressed with the large number of fans who came to see her, the young singer passionately performed five songs.

As a Korean, she showed her interest in the World Cup, saying “I cannot wait to see the match between Korea and Togo on Tuesday. Personally I like Lee Chun-soo and Park Ju-young.”

Her single album includes “Rock Star” composed by Naoki Tanaka, who also composed “Houki Boshi (Comet),” and “Homegirl,” which she personally composed, as well as the title song “Holding Hands,” which is the ending theme song of the popular anime “Jyuohsei.”

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1400990_11692.html