2006, June 16

A total of 35 pop artists from the agency SM Entertainment, including Kang Ta, BoA, T.V.X.Q., and Super Junior, will release a joint album entitled "06 Summer SM Town."

This album designed for the summer season will be released on June 20 following a similar album released two years ago. Singers from this entertainment agency including Kang Ta and BoA recorded the album together despite their busy schedules.

The forthcoming album’s title song sung by all 35 musicians is "Red Sun," a song with a smooth melody, fantastic and exhilarating rhythm, and a unique orchestration. It is a pop dance song that imparts feelings different from those of other summer songs.

Attention is especially being drawn to the songs featuring guitar melodies sung by Kang Ta and composed by pianist Song Kwang-sik–"Confession on a Summer Night" and "Number One"–and another song, "Touch," written by Ziggy, the composer of "Spark," for BoA.

In addition, the song "Dancing Out" highlighted by harmonies on guitar and a keyboard is a piece beautifully combining rock’n’roll and dance beats. This song is especially exciting because of its repetition of vocals, rap and melodies presented by the group Super Junior. "Catch the Shooting Star" is a song with powerful and stimulating hiphop beats. This song will give fans a chance to discover new talents of female group T.S.Z.X. Song Kwang-sik made this song more enjoyable by improvising on the piano.

The forthcoming album features a total of ten songs that were written by top pop music writers such as Song, Genji, Hwang Sung-je, Kim Young-hoo, Kim Ji-hoo, and Ziggy, enhancing the songs’ musicality.”

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1401607_11858.html