6/17/06 – Kim Rae Won and Kim Kang Woo are each selected to lead the drama and movie "Trencherman (식객)" respectively. Both drama and movie are adapted from a comic bearing the same title. It portrays that a wandering man discovers the place selling the best and precious traditional Korean cuisines. KRW and KKW play the role Sung Chan (성찬), a "sweet man".

The drama is scheduled to be aired by MBC around February of 2007. The production companies "JS Pictures (JS픽처스)" and "Show East (쇼이스트)" have secured KRW to film the drama as soon as he finishes his new movie "Sunflower". The filming of the movie led by KKW is scheduled to start in August, and the debut will be around early next year. It is planned to capture the beautiful autumn and winter scenery into both drama and movie. Also, the process of searching for real taste resulting in joyfulness would be depicted in both projects.

This is not the first production incorporates both drama and movie at the same time. There are movie and drama productions for "Hwang Jin Yi (황진이)" of which the movie is led by Song Hye Gyo while the drama is scheduled to be broadcasted by KBS2 around September. For the time being, Ha Ji Won is considered as the candidate to lead the drama "Hwang Jin Yi".