2006, June 21

Top star Song Hye-gyo, who has been pursuing her dream of becoming a "hallyu queen" in Japan, will introduce her large-scale video album in December.

The announcement has drawn the spotlight as a promising new project that could set off another Korean Wave.

Entertainment company Starm Planning said on June 21 that Song’s video album, whose shooting has wrapped up recently, will hit the Japanese market in December.

The agency is also the organizer of singer Rain’s Asian tour of 11 nations.

A person from the company said that the company has been putting finishing touches on Song’s album to cater to Japanese customers, and will refine the photos for about two or three months even after developing the film to ensure perfect quality.

He also added that the photos have received a favorable response for featuring the actress in an elegant way.

The photos were taken from last month for over 20 days in countries in three continents Including Patagonia, Argentina, the United States, France and the Netherlands, against scenic backdrops.

The album is slated for release in time for the airing of the TV series "Full House," which stars Song, in Japan, as well as the actress’s new movie. It aims to elevate Song’s status to that of a next-generation hallyu star on par with actor Bae Yong-jun and will test Song’s chances of succeeding in Japan.

A person from the showbiz industry said Japan was an important market culturally and industrially as the homeland of the Korean Wave, or hallyu, which explains celebrities’ increased advancement to the Japanese market these days.

Recently, several South Korean actresses, including Son Ye-jin, Lee Yeon-hee and Hwang Shin-hye, have been trying their luck in Japan through TV dramas, commercials and workout DVDs.

Attention is focused on whether Song will be able to beat her high-profile rivals to emerge as the "queen of hallyu" in Japan.

Starm Planning will soon release several photos from Song’s video album.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1402224_11858.html