2006, June 22

Singer KCM will visit Thailand at the invitation of the Thai king.

KCM will appear at a concert marking the 60th anniversary of the Thai king’s enthronement on June 27 at the Thailand Cultural Center, where he will sing "Black & White Photo" and "The Sun’s Tears," which the Thai organizers have requested.

With some 2600 people, including Thai government officials, expected to attend, the event will feature performances from 16 countries via a global network.

During his four-day stay in Thailand, KCM will meet with the Thai king and government officials.

DR Music, which organizes KCM’s overseas promotion events, said the singer received the invitation to visit Thailand while he was preparing for his overseas promotion tour since March this year, and will likely prolong his stay in the Southeast Asian country by one day due to many requests for interviews.

KCM will launch his overseas promotion tour in August by giving a showcase concert in Beijing, China in August.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1402399_11858.html