6/21/06 – Yoo Ji Tae (유지태) is selected to lead the movie “Hwang Jin Yi (황진이, 黃眞伊)” costarring with Song Hye Gyo.  Currently, the production company is negotiating the contract with him.  His role in this movie is Nom Yi (놈이) who stays in Hwang Jin Yi’s house taking care of various things and becomes her first lover. 

Recently, Yoo Ji Tae proudly becomes a new director.  His first directed film “How Is the Blind Dream (장님은 무슨 꿈을 꿀까요)” is selected to compete in the “competitive section” in “The 2nd InDPanda International Short Film Festival (인디판다국제단편영화제)” held in Hong Kong on 8/3.