2006, June 26

Singer/actress Jang Na-ra has been recognized by world-famous Chinese actor Jackie Chan as a Korean star who has achieved success in China.

According to Jang’s official website, Chan said at the “Jackie Chan and His Friends” event to which Jang was invited that Jang’s success in China proves that there is nothing impossible in the world. Held on Saturday in Nanjing and drawing some 60,000 audience members, the event was a charity concert the Chinese actor organized with the help of his other famous star friends around the world to raise funds to build apartment buildings for the elderly living alone.

Jang performed two songs from her second Chinese album, “Kung Fu” and “Meng Feixiang,” and sang the title song of the film “The Myth,” in which Chan played a leading role, in a duet with Chan.

Jang has been gaining increasing popularity in China since she started to work there from 2004, when the hit drama “The Success Story of a Bright Girl” in which she starred received a positive response from Chinese viewers. Her first Chinese album released early last year has sold more than 1 million copies, and her latest second album is also enjoying increasing popularity.

In addition, Jang has been recognized as an actress since she played a leading role in the hit Chinese drama “Princess Diaoman,” which was aired across the world’s most populous country early this year. The Chinese press describes her as versatile as Kelly Chan and Karen Mok, the most outstanding female actresses and singers in China. Jang is currently touring China to promote her second album.

Meanwhile, China will see an apartment building named after her as Jackie Chan has announced his plan to name apartment buildings he builds for elderly people after stars who attended the “Jackie Chan and His Friends” event.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/ent_news.html