Our featured artist this week is female R&B singer Gummy (aka Spider). She is one of the many great singers from YG entertainment. She debuted back in 2003. Originally, I heard that she was supposed to be included in the group Big Mama, but YG felt that she had the potential to make it big on her own. After 3 years, we all know that YG’s decision is right!

Unlike other female R&B artists in Korea who relied on powerful vocals and sang emotional ballads, Gummy’s style is closer to Jazz than R&B in my opinion. Her biggest hit "기억상실" (Losing Memory) from her 2nd album and also "어른아이" (Adult Child) from her 3rd album had a very refreshing sound that fits her vocal perfectly. Recently, she also released an unplugged album with the hit song "그대 돌아오면" (When you return) that further displays her brilliant vocal skills. My favorite song of Gummy, however, is a non-hit song from her 2nd album named "인연" (Fate).

Here is some information about Gummy, credits to KBS World and soompi’s "Gummy official thread" and angelfightrJ:


Names: Gummy, Spider
Birth Name: Park Ji Yeon
Date of Birth: April 08, 1981
Debut: "Like Them" (2003)
Education: Dongduk Women’s University
Height: 165 cm
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Singing, Piano


Gummy, a charismatic singer with a burning passion for R&B music stepped into the local pop scene with her impressive debut song "When You Come Back" in 2003. Later, she completely changed her image with another hit song "Better Friends Than Lovers", that vividly manifested the singer’s rich emotions. It took seven years for her to release her own album after she was acquainted with an entertainment agency, cherishing a dream of becoming a singer. The entertainment agency, M-Boat Entertainment was the same agency that made Whee Sung, now one of the best R&B solo artists around into a star. Influenced by her mother who was an enthusiastic music lover, Gummy began to learn the piano at the tender age of six. If she hadn’t become a singer, she would have become a pianist.

Gummy participated in a live album work in 2003 in which, popular newcomers such as Whee Sung, Se7en and Big Mama, gathered together to present past hits, upcoming songs from their own albums, and also other well-known songs sung by other artists to their fans. Their joint live concert "The Color of the Soul Train’ has now become an annual nation-wide tour, drawing enthusiastic support and love from music fans across the nation. Gumy also sang the "You are My Hero" which, was the theme song to a Korean animated film "Hammerboy", which opened in summer 2004. Gumy has been recognized by fans all over the world to be the "Queen of Soul".

Feb. 2003- 1st album "Like Them" – When You Come Back, Better Friends Than Lovers, Wanna Be, Phone Call, Do It

Sept. 2004- 2nd album "It’s Different" – 기억상실, 날 그만 잊어요, 인연

Aug. 2005- 3rd album "For the Bloom" – 아니, 어른아이

April 2006 – Unplugged album. 그대 돌아오면
(Made up of songs from her past album. Unplugged definition: one that does not use any electrical instruments and use only analog instruments)


February 2003 – Gummy’s 1st album "Like Them" release
July-October 2003 – Color of the Soultrain – "Wheesung, Se7en, Big Mama, Gummy joint live concert"
September 2003 – Gummy "Independence" [?] Concert
December 2003 – ‘One" Concert – "YG & MBOAT joint live concert"
August 2004 – Soultrain 2004 – "Wheesung, Se7en, Big Mama, Gummy joint live concert"
September 2004 – Gummy’s 2nd album "It’s Different" release
November 2004 – Gummy "Independence" [?] concert – "Shall We Be Crazy"
December 2004 – 19th time Golden Disk award
December 2004 – "One" concert [YG&MBoat joint live concert"
August 2005 – Gummy’s 3rd album "For the Bloom" release

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