6/29/06 – The wedding of actress Song Sun Mi (송선미, 31) is held at “Dynasty Hall” of Shilla Hotel (신라호텔) of Seoul on 6/29. More than 600 guests attend the ceremony. The bridegroom is Mr. Go (34), an art director who studied in USA and then returned to Korea working in movie industry.

The couple was introduced to each other by a movie director in 2004, and they have been dating since then. Many entertainers attend the wedding including Kang Boo Ja, Song Yoon Ah, Ryu Jin, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Dong Wook, Myung Se Bin, Woo Hee Jin, and Lee Yoo Ri (강부자, 송윤아, 류진, 김정은, 이동욱, 명세빈, 우희진, 이유리). Especially, actress Sung Hyun Ah (성현아), who is collaborating with SSM in the SBS drama “Suddenly Someday” and couldn’t attend the wedding due to filming schedule, sends a direct video message to congratulate the couple. After the wedding, this newly-wed couple will leave for France, England, and USA to enjoy their honeymoon.

Entertainers attending Song Sun Mi’s wedding:

Song Yoon Ah (송윤아):

Kim Jung Eun (김정은):

Lee Dong Wook (이동욱):

Ryu Jin (류진):

Myung Se Bin (명세빈):

Lee Yoo Ri (이유리):



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