2006, July 05

Pan-Asian star Rain will soon announce a duet song with American pop star/actor Omarion.

After finishing the filming of his first movie early this month, Rain left for the United States on June 10, where he discussed the duet song with Omarion and met with the organizers of his Asian tour.

Omarion is a former lead vocalist of the hip-hop group B2K and a solo R&B singer, who starred in the movie “You Got Served” in 2004. Rain met Omarion when his producer, Park Jin-young, wrote a song for Omarion’s new album.

Rain’s agency, JYP entertainment, has already mentioned the singer’s plans to sing in a duet with Omarion, who danced to Rain’s song “Bad Guy” at Rain’s concert at Madison Square Garden in New York in February.

At the time, JYP said that the two artists became friends after the concert and would probably soon record a song or star in a movie together.

In a telephone interview with Yonhap News on June 4, JYP said the two singers will record their duet song during Rain’s next visit to the United States and announce it as a digital single in Korea and America. The agency also added that Rain will discuss his 11-nation Asian tour slated for December with tour organizers.

Rain’s Asian tour will involve stage designer Mark Fisher, who also participated in tour concerts of such high-profile artists as Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and U2, and producer Jamie King, who produced and choreographed the concerts of Ricky Martin, Britney Spears and Madonna.

Rain has recently filmed a TV commercial for Pepsi Cola alongside American pop star Christina Aguilera. The commercial will air in Chinese-speaking regions and feature a duet song performed by the two singers.

Rain will release his fourth album in Korea in October and hold a large-scale showcase for JYP’s Asian partners, Asian media and fans. JYP said the repertoire of the showcase will include songs from the singer’s new album and a preview of his Asian tour.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1404235_11858.html