7/5/06 – Jo Han Sun (조한선, 25) leads the movie “Metropolitan People (특별시 사람들)”.  This movie portrays stories of four siblings living in a shantytown near the high-class apartment subdivision in Kangnam of Seoul. 

JHS plays the eldest brother trying his best to protect his family and to achieve his goal at the same time.  His costars include Yoo Min (유민, 27), Suh Min Woo (서민우), Kim Kap Soo (김갑수), Cha Ye Ryun (차예련), and Park Hyo Joon (박효준). Yoo Min, who is actually 2 years older than JHS, plays his younger sister who likes the character played by Park Hyo Joon.   Suh Min Woo plays the younger brother.  Kim Kap Soo plays the father.  Cha Ye Ryun plays the first love of JHS’s role.  The filming of this movie has already started last month.