2006, July 07

The female band Chunsangjihee will release its single album “Juicy Love” concurrently in Korea and Japan on July 12.

The package of the album will include a CD and a DVD featuring the music video for “Juicy Love” and a making-of documentary.

The album’s title song, “Juicy Love,” was written in a reggae style appropriate for the summer season. The song was featured by famous Japanese reggae rapper Cord Head and produced by Shunya Mori, who also produced albums for top Japanese artists Ketsumeishi and Pushim.

Another song from the album, “Sayonara no mukoni,” is a ballad song performed by the heart-moving voice of band member Heeyul Dana, who wrote the song’s lyrics in Japanese.

The group’s agency, SM Entertainment, said the music video for “Juicy Love” contained in the album package shows Chunsangjihee dancing passionately against the backdrop of a tropical island and offers several glimpses of how the music video was filmed.

The group’s fans who buy the new single album will also receive postcards with the jacket photo of the group’s CD to be sold only in Japan. Ten lucky buyers will also receive T-shirts made by EXR.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1404660_11858.html