Cool-Never Ending Story: Forever Cool (July 10)

1. A Day Today
2. Did Well
3. Let’s Breakup
4. To My Wife
5. I Love You
6. Vacationing Area
7. A Secret Just Between The Two Of Us
8. Strong Man
9. Just One’s Love
10. Good-Bye
11. Lady and Gangsters
12. Blue Memories
13. Did Well (MR)
14. Let’s Breakup (MR)
15. To My Wife (MR)

Summer! The season when we miss them! Cool is coming back!! It is Cool’s best remix album that includes four new tracks.

LeeJaeHoon, Yuri and KimSungSoo are the ultimate co-ed dance group ‘Cool’ that has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years. Without Cool, there is no summer. They came back after an absence of one year with an album titled ‘Never Ending Story’ for their fans.

This album has a total of 15 tracks that will bring the fans the same feelings as all their albums in the past. There are four new tracks that are enjoyable and comfortable to listen to. Cool really dedicates this album to their fans whom they missed very much during their absence. It will be a welcoming album for their fans.

Their title song called ‘A Day Today’ is about a person who takes a break from a busy life in the modern world and how this person finds a different happiness and energy in life. This track has a refreshing melody to it along with great lyrics that is enjoyable to listen to. For their music video, they chose three comedians (gag-mans from OhtCchaSah), Kim Pil-Soo, Lee Jong-Kyu and Park Min-Suh. The main point of their music video is to show comedy scenes (humorous) that fit perfectly with their song. -credits to purpletiger86

Crying Nut Vol. 5 – OK목장의 젖소 (July 10)
Julia Hart Vol. 3 – 당신은 을기 위해 태언난 사람 (July 10)

Yang Dong Geun Vol.3 (July 10)
IPB Image
Yang Dong Geun debuted with his first album in 2001, released a second in November 2003. and now after a long break of two years and 8 months he is back with his third. This album is compiled from his life experience for 28 years…discussing the world’s many methods, discrepancies, pleasures, aspirations and other weird things. His music is made for his fans to listen to along with him, rather than just playing his songs for them. His third album differs from his previous albums as it’s more about the world’s issues than a story of oneself. His album is compiled with hip-hop worship (gospel hip-hop) songs. It discusses the hardships Yang Dong Geun went through and how he praises the Lord, composers Smokey J and singers like Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mi. -credits to purpletiger86

Rainbow Romance (MBC Sitcom) OST (July 12)
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DBSG – Rising Sun: 1st Live Concert Album (July 12)
13 Steps – The Curse Upon Liars (July 14)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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