The TRAX Vol. 1 – 초우 (July 18)
Kangta & Vanness – Scandal (Repack) (July 18)
Lee Ji Hye (S#arp) Special Single (July 18)
Nan-a Vol. 1 – Sweet Soul (July 20)
Turtles (거북이) Vol. 4 – 거북이사요 (July 20)

01. Turtles Free 4-1
02. It’s Funny
03. Airplane
04. Again…
05. Hey
06. To the half
07. It’s Traveling
08. Back to Ten years
09. Remember me
10. Moving
11. Please
12. Turtles Free 4-2

The group ‘Turtles’ is coming back to refresh everyone’s brains that have been going under pressure. Songs like ‘Bingo’, ‘What’s Wrong?’, ‘Four Season’, ‘How Long?’, ‘Come On’…and so forth have topped the charts due to their great songs with enjoyable melody to listen to. They are making a comeback after a year of absence. They debuted in 2001 and they were well known for being a group that has never lip-synched in any of their performances. Last year in March, they had to stop all their activities because of a Turtle member’s illness (Acute myocardial infarction). Could it have been because he had to deal with two death crisis? He is more mature and everyone can feel his strong passion for music. Their fourth album will bring joy as well as a great sensation. This group even brings crying babies into laughter with their music. ‘Exciting world, live a joyous life with the turtles~!’ is their theme for this album. Their title song is track 3 called ‘Airplane’ which is an upbeat dance song. They used a ‘Hawaiian baby guitar’ to produce an exotic sound with a cute rhythm that will have their fans putting their songs on repeat. This song portrays the exhausted life they have experienced in their lifetime and how they think about their past when they were kids. Although it’s very hot into the summer, don’t miss their 4th album that will definitely release everyone’s stress! – credits to purpletiger86

Christopher Vol. 1 – Action (July 20)
P&Q – Supremacy (July 20)
Park Jung Eun Vol. 1 – Letter from my heart (July 20)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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