Our featured artist this week is Jung Jae Wook. He scored his first ever top 10 hit this week with his latest song "들리나요" (Can you hear?). This song is written by one of the hottest song writing teams – Cho Young Soo and Ahn Young Min, who wrote hit songs for SG Wannabe, See Ya, SS501 among others this year.

Jung Jae Wook already caught my attention back in early 2002 with an emotional ballad "잘가요" (Farewell) from his 2nd album. In this album, he also remade "Season In The Sun", a classic Japanese hit song by TUBE. Both songs received good reviews but did not rank very high on the music charts. He has to wait another 4 years (and 2 albums) to finally be recognized by the public. Let’s find out more about him:

Name: Jung Jae Wook
Date of birth : November 5th, 1976
Physique : 181cm, 70kg
Education : Department of Broadcasting Entertainment, Daegu College
Hobbies : Playing the guitar, hardcore rap, video games

Jung Jae-wook made his debut in 1999 with a song titled "A Foolish Seperation." By using the Gayageum, a Korean traditional string instrument, in the prelude and the Daegeum, a Korean bamboo flute in the background, Jung adopted Korean traditional sounds in his music. Jung’s original song, "To Your Next Love," became more widely known after singer Jo Sung-mo remade and re-released it. Jung Jae-wook released his second album, "A Simple Story," in 2001. The album was filled with songs that clearly showed Jeong’s musicality and vocal power. After 2 years of preparation, Jung’s 3rd album was released in 2003. Jung also hosted a radio show for 2 years and recently made his comeback to the local pop music scene with his 4th album. The title song of Jung’s 4th album is "Can You Hear?" a medium-tempo piece with quite strong beats.

A Foolish Separation (1st album, 1999) : A Foolish Separation, She Is Cool, Good-bye, Forever My Love, Test, Wind of Legend, For My Next Love, Scenario
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A Simple Story (2nd album, 2001) : Farewell, Promise, One Wish, Born to be Loving You, Season in the Sun, Good-bye My Love
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Alone (3rd album, 2003) : Kiss, That’s Me, Just, Confession, Wishing You Were Happy, My Your True Love, Please
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Love of the 13th Month (4th album, 2006) : Can You Hear?, Echo, A Good Day for Farewell, After Love, Trees.. and Wind

Credits to KBS World