JULY 20, 2006

"I have never chosen the drama I would act, but the right cast and script in that drama," said Lee Sung-jae, who this time will star in a drama about honest lawyer Roh Yoon-jae, who was adopted to Canada. Roh Yoon-jae will be involved in an eternal triangle of star singer Yoo Hee-ran (Kim Min-jung), her manager Kang San-ho (Eom Tae-ung) and himself. Kang approaches Roh, claiming he is Roh’s brother.

More Interested in the Play Itself-

“It’s most hard to act a man fallen in love."

This is the answer coming out of Lee without a second of hesitation when asked which genre is the hardest to act for him. He has starred in melodrama, action and comic movies.

“Acting in an action movie is physically exhausting but other than that, it’s not that hard," Lee added. Acting in a melodrama movie or emotional scenes in a soap drama requires much more energy than acting comic or action movies.

“There is no right answer to love. Melodrama is the same. There could be millions of different facial expressions and gestures."

He has mostly acted touching and intellectual characters in melodramas, rather than those explosively expressing emotions or shedding hot tears. It seemed that Lee was tired of characteristic melodramatic acting he showed in "Art Museum by the Zoo" and "Daisy."

“I want to be an actor who shows the true aspects of whoever I act in whatever movies and dramas. I want to act when I feel I like the character, whether it is a TV drama or film, whether it is melodrama or action, whether it is a leading or supporting role."

Only Heaven Knows Ratings and Box Office Results-

Lee has performed in 12 movies since he starred in "Art Museum by the Zoo" with Sim Eun-ha in 1998. It is the first time for Lee to show up in a drama since "Lie" in 1998.

He seems to feel burdened by acting in a TV drama after a long time, which will compete against "Jumong" currently airing on MBC with a viewer rating of over 40 percent.

“I think whether it is a hit on TV or at the box office depends on God’s will."

He showed aloofness with that answer. In fact, his latest movies failed to have good box office records. Since he tried to widen his acting horizon by acting totally different characters in "Shinsukki Blues," "Dance with the Wind," and "Holiday," he may well feel bitter for their lackluster performances.

"At first, I looked back on, thinking ‘what did I wrong?’ But I never let up on acting my role, I don’t have any regret."

Recently, when he ran into Lee Jae-yong at the fitness center who is acting as Budeukbul in "Jumong," he said "Please, take it easy," as a joke.

Lee is 36 years old, which is not young age for an actor. Yet Lee, who has acted a foolhardy primitive man wearing a fake denture in "Shinsukki Blues" and well-muscled man in "Holiday," still has many different characteristics he wants to play.

Source: http://english.donga.com/srv/service.php3?bicode=130000&biid=2006072019688