The musical actress Sonya will perform on New York’s Broadway, the "home of the musical," as the original Korean musical “Maria Maria,” in which she plays a leading role, will be staged there.

The event holds particular significance for the half-Korean and half-American musical actress, who has gained recognition for devoting herself to musicals, because she has risen against all odds as a mixed-race person to stand where she is now. Another welcome fact is that the musical is the original Korean musical exported to Broadway, when usually the Korean musical industry is dominated by large-scale foreign musicals.

Coming to realize her dream of performing on Broadway, which all musical actors dream of, Sonya said that she feels very honored personally and will do her best to prove that Korean musicals are as good as Broadway musicals.

When asked about how she feels about going to the home of her father, whom she has never seen, she said, “I am going to Broadway as a Korean musical actress. I have had to go through many difficulties because I am of mixed race, but I want to do my best as a Korean because I was born, grew up and became what I am now here.”

First staged in 2003, “Maria Maria” is a story about the prostitute Maria who seduces Jesus to go to Rome to achieve her dreams. Sonya will join the “Maria” team as soon as “Jekyll and Hyde,” in which she is appearing now, comes to an end.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1406587_11858.html