Our featured artist of the week is modern rock group Rumble Fish. Like Loveholic, they are a co-ed modern rock group who has crossed over to the pop scene regularly. Their first album "Swing Attack" received good reviews but did not produce a mega hit song. Last year, Rumble Fish finally got their break with the song "으라차차" from their 2nd album which went as high as No.3 in our chart. "으라차차" was a remade of an old FINKL song. While some underground critics said they were disappointed that the group tried too hard to sound more "pop", they were widely accepted by general public. Now they are releasing a digital single "I Go" and it is again climbing into our top 10. Let’s find out more about them:


Choi Jini : vocal
Kim Ho-il : bass
Park Cheon-whi : drums
Kim Seong-keun : guitar

Rumble Fish is an Indi band whose music is completely done by the members of the band themselves. Even before their official debut in the major stages, the singer-and-songwriter band consisting of 4 members has been well-known among clubbers and music producers. As underground musicians, Rumble Fish’s performances were mainly based in clubs around Hongik University such as Jammers. Their powerful and dynamic music and charismatic attitude filled the clubs with fans who love their music every time they put on a concert. Such popularity led the creation of a community with 2,500 members even before the release of their debut album.

The band’s brilliant career of winning prizes in various contests was also one of the reason so many people had predicted the success of Rumble Fish. In 2003 alone, the band won the Superior Award in Ssamji Sound Festival, the Grand Prize in Korea Rock Championship and also the Grand Prize in SBS Net Song Festival.
Rumble Fish wants to get closer to the populace with their self-written songs of dramatic composition, fun arrangements and attractive sounds.

Vol. 1 Swing Attack (2004): 졸려, 예감 좋은 날
IPB Image
Vol. 2 Have A Nice Dream (2005): 으라차차

Digital Single – I Go (2006): I Go

Credits to KBS World

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