The Korean male group “Take” made a successful debut in China.

The group recently presented live acapella songs during chatting sessions on the Chinese online portals “Sina.com” and “Sohu.com,” captivating Chinese music fans. Some 10,000 people have visited the group’s blog on Sina.com only one week after its launch.

Some Chinese fans were so fascinated by the group’s live acapells singing skills that they even came to Korea. Some 10 Chinese fans visited the agency of the group in early June in order to meet the members of the group. The group sang songs live at an impromptu concert held for the visiting fans at the office of the agency.

“Take” held a showcase concert marking the release of its album and a press conference in Beijing in May, gaining explosive popularity. It also took part in a benefit concert held in Shanghai in June.

The Korean group’s huge popularity there has led Chinese music and entertainment magazines to cover the group as their special features. It remains to be seen how much popularity the Korean group will continue to enjoy in the country.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1407995_11858.html