Sounds very likely for a movie that had gathered so much attention even before the opening.

‘The Host’ (Directed by Bong Joon Ho,Chungeorahm production) starring Song Gang Ho and Park Hae Il set the record for opening day ticket sales.

‘The Host’ which opened on 620 screens on the 27th, gathered 449,500 on the first day. In Seoul, 129,783 guests attended theatres to watch ‘The Host.’ The total broke the previous record set by ‘TaeGukGi: Brotherhood of War’ at 324,000.

Also, at the midnight screening, 150,000 gathered to watch ‘The Host’ on 447 screens totaling 600,986 viewers by the end of the first day.

‘The Host’ also broke the record in regards to the number of opening screens previously set by ‘Typhoon’ at 540.

A production company personnel commented on the 28th, "At this rate, there is a chance that we can hit the 1 million mark on the 28th which is the second day of opening. Combining the weekend viewers, the number will most likely be higher than 2 million," expressing much satisfaction.

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