Girl Friends Vol.1 – Another Myself (July 29)

1. Intro
2. Listen!
3. Maybe I Love You
4. Just Bite My Lips
5. Until We Become Friends To Lovers
6. Blah Blah
7. One Male Two Female
8. All In
9. Oh! Oh! Oh!
10. All For You
11. Lower Keyed Song
12. The donkey means one thing and the driver another.
13. Cola And Sprite
14. Seduce

The best dance group divas are combined! Yuri (Cool) + Lina (Roora) equals new change & refreshing challenge. Korea’s best artists that contributed to this album are: SG Wannabe, Baek JiYoung, Lee JaeHoon, Kim Gun-Mo, Monday Kidz, Brown Eyed Girls, Up Town, Ester, Lee Jung, HaHa, HooNiHoon, All Black…etc.
Best dance group Cool and Roora’s female members are united to make their own duet group called ‘Girlfriends’. Yuri and Lina have been good friends for ten years. Their title song is a nice summer song that has a hip hop global rhythm to it. The song ‘One Male, Two Female’ sounds very similar to Cool songs. LeeJaeHoon and KimGunMo contributed to this song, while Lina raps to it. We recommend this project album to everyone as a summer gift set. – credits to purpletiger86

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