Jo In Sung who showed a great performance in the movie ‘A Dirty Carnival’ decided to take a breath to rest.

A Jo In Sung personnel commented during a phone call with Goodday, "Jo In Sung has recently been enjoying some free time for once while reviewing scenarios he has received. There are a lot of melodramas but there are also many in the action genre perhaps because of the performance he showed in ‘A Dirty Carnival.’"

The person also mentioned, "The agency is leaving the decision entirely up to In Sung considering his sense in selecting ‘What Happened in Bali.’ It will most likely be a melodrama rather than an action film."

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung held a fan meeting with his official fan club ‘In Sung Goon Ja’ on the 30th at a theatre in the Dae Hak Ro area. 250 fans including 100 or so from Japan attended.

Jo In Seong also celebrated his 25th birthday on the same day with his fans and in response to a question about his next piece he answered, "I am carefully selecting a piece that will be able to show myself as a more mature actor."

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