2006, August 01

The new city of Jangyu located in the South Gyeongsang Province by Gimhae has been heating up.

Japanese fans have gathered at the open set in Jangyu to see Kim Rae Won, the leading actor of the new movie ‘Haebaragi (Sunflower)’ (Directed by Kang Seok Beom, iVision Entertainment and Blue Dragon Entertainment production).

Despite the fact that Jangyu is a new city in development, hard for foreigners to locate, and the many changes in shooting schedules due to the heavy rain, fans from Japan have been arriving at the set and waiting for Kim Rae Won.

They have been bringing cards of encouragement, fruits such as watermelon to cool the heat, cookies and snacks from Japan and much more surprising not only Kim Rae Won, but the staff as well.

Kim Rae Won became known in Japan through the television drama series ‘Attic Cat’, ‘My Love Patzzi’, ‘Love Story in Harvard’ amongst others, as well as on screen through the movie ‘My Little Bride’.

According to the staff, the Japanese fans that have gathered at the set of ‘Haebaragi’ did not reveal how they got information on the schedules and quietly watch the filming.

In response to the visits of Japanese fans, it is said that Kim Rae Won feels sad that the only thing he can offer is a word of thanks for visiting.

The movie ‘Haebaragi’ is about a rough man whose life was in despair finding new hope through family. Actresses Kim Hae Sook, new face Heo Ih Jae, and others will also be appearing along with Kim Rae Won.

The movie, which has filmed approximately 50%, will open in theatres in November after the climax scene is filmed in Busan in September.

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