Aug 2, 2006

YG Entertainment has decided to add one concert in Tokyo, Japan to its concert tour schedule running from August to October in Seoul, Japan and the U.S. The company has planned the YG Family concert tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its foundation, and its singers, including Se7en, Big Mama and Gummy, will participate.

Expectations are running so high that standing tickets for the Seoul concert at Jamsil Gymnastics Hall on Aug. 19 were sold out as soon as they went on sale. In Japan as well, tickets for two planned concerts in Osaka and Tokyo have already been sold out. Japanese internet sites were barraged by Japanese fans wanting to see the concerts, and suffered a failure in their computer systems.

Many Japanese fans who failed to buy tickets have made calls to the Japanese agency in charge of the Japan concerts and even to the YG headquarters in Seoul. As a result, the Japanese agency asked YG to hold one more concert in Japan. Now a total of three concerts will be given in Japan–one in Osaka on Sept. 8 and two in Tokyo on Sept. 10.

YG singers are devoting themselves to preparing for the concerts, having already shot promotional posters. A company staffer said, “Since these are special concerts marking our 10th anniversary, our singers are also contributing their own ideas to make the shows more enjoyable for both themselves and the audience.”

Tickets for the Seoul concert can be purchased on the Interpark, Ticketlink and Maxmovie sites.