2006, Aug 02

‘Hallyu (Korean Wave)’ seems to be doing the most in improving the image of Korea.

The Korean Tourism Organization announced on the 1st the results of a survey conducted last June at the Korean booth of the Hong Kong International Expo Organization, in which out of 1,337 participants, approximately one third answered that they think of Hallyu cultural products first when asked about Korea.

In a short answer question asking about what participants think of first about Korea, 177 (13.2%) answered Korean dramas or stars and 139 (10.4%) answered ‘Dae Jang Geum,’ while 121 (9%) answered the singer Rain (Bi) amongst others.

There were many that chose Kimchi (148 answers), Seoul (124), ginseng (108), food (101), snow or ski (96) and shopping (67) as well as Korean soccer, Park Ji Seong, plastic surgery, cell phone, as well as many others as Korea’s image.

In response to a question in regards to Hallyu and their decision in selecting Korea as a travel destination, 50.7% answered that it ‘has a great influence,’ 34.2% selecting ‘somewhat has an influence’ revealing once again the power of Hallyu.

45.8% answered that they are interested in shooting locations of Korean movies and dramas and 77.1% responded that they would like to visit Korea.

44.7% thought that Hallyu will continue steadily for more than 3 years, 25% more than 5 years, 17.8% more than 1 yeaar, and 8.6% more than 10 years.

Song Hye Gyo was voted the most popular Korean artists in Hong Kong (multiple selections) with 657 votes followed by Lee Yeong Ae with 643 votes, Rain (Bi) (463 votes), Jeon Ji Hyeon (416 votes), Bae Yong Joon (343 votes), Ji Jin Hee (325 votes), and Choi Ji Woo (264 votes) amongst others.

‘Dae Jang Geum’ was the most memorable Korean drama/movie in Hong Kong as expected receiving the support of 743 voters followed by ‘Full House’ (613 votes), ‘My Sassy Girl’ (558 votes), ‘Autumn Fairy Tale’ (409 votes), and ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ (298 votes), etc.

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