Aug 7, 2006

Kim Tae-hee

As Kim Tae-hee’s demure image suggests, her fans feel the actress would take to married life like a duck to water. In a poll on the homepage of the Sports Chosun, a sister paper of the Chosun Ilbo, asking which celebrity was most likely to enjoy a model marriage, Kim took the overwhelming lead. The poll from July 30 until Sunday netted the actress 5,265 clicks of support or 48.8 percent of the 10,794 votes cast, making her the week’s ideal wife. On the first day, she polled 50 percent. Fans appear to believe that the star will marry well and enjoy a happy marriage.

Two more Lees were next. K-pop star Lee Hyo-lee with her 2,390 votes (22.1 percent) pulled ahead of Lee Young-ae late in the race, leaving the actress in third with 2,300 (21.3 percent). But in Lee Young-ae’s case, considering the fact that significant number of respondents were in or around their twenties, her rank wasn’t all that bad. Meanwhile Jeon Ji-hyun managed a fourth place with 7.8 percent (839) of the votes.

From left: Lee Hyo-lee, Lee Young-ae and Jeon Ji-hyun