Stony Skunk Vol. 3 – Stony Riddim (August 6)

01. Skunk riddim
02. Rasta for I
03.Like That Time
04. Ole (alwayz)
05. No woman no cry (Title Song)
06. Mary wanna
07. Trace
08. Buffalo 2006
09. A blind leader
10. Cry out loud today
11. KUSHeng Peng
12. War with the interior
13. Jah make us
14. Angel dust
15. No more trouble
16. Tears, Memories….I always remember it

Stony Skunk’s third album is filled with 100% pure reggae! From head to toe, each breath that this group took and even the sweat that they showed during their performance is 100% reggae. YG Entertainment Representative, Yang Hyun-Suk says that their music is like drugs. PSY made a comment that this group knows how to put on a performance-a musician that can flip over their fans with skill. Singing a classic reggae song again called ‘No Woman No Cry’. A member by the name of Skull has been in charge of producing and writing lyrics for their album. Skull went to Thailand right after finishing up their last album to work on their third album and came back to Korea completing most of their album tracks. Skull revealed that he went to Thailand to work on their album because he thought that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on producing reggae music in Korea during the winter. So he chose to go to Thailand, which it is a humid country. You can just imagine Skull sitting on the beach in Thailand with a guitar in his hands and writing down the lyrics. After he came back to Korea from Thailand, he completed the album with his other group member, S-Kush, by going back and forth from the recording studio. Their title song which was already mentioned above is a song that they remake with their own version. They completed shooting their music video in LA. They hope that this song would show the power of reggae music. In this album you get to hear a variety style of reggae tracks like their use of Jamaican dialect, a song called ’KUSHeng Peng’ that Jinu (Jinusean) contributed in, a song that was released on the internet last year called ‘Buffalo 2006’ and a love song called ‘Trace’ and so forth. To become like Stony Skunk, you must become a reggae yourself! Not just music, but they believe that you must become and live the style of a reggae. They have no regrets for their third album. They did their best and lived up to their fullest. They will give it all on stage for their audience! – credits to purpletiger86

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The sound of the Yoon Band reaches its 7th phase. Also known as Yoon Do Hyun Band, YB finally returns after an extended 3-year hiatus. The male quartet founded by Yoon Do Hyun who is also the group’s vocalist and an efficient producer continues to keep its sounds coming on this follow-up to their vol 6 album YB stream. Titled Why Be? it presents a highly anticipated release, which is no surprise because Yoon’s YB with Heo Joon on guitars, Park Tae Hye on bass and drummer Kim Jin Won has no less than 12 years of music experience including live gigs performed in London and Frankfurt among other major European cities. This double CD release offers 11 new hits and 11 special remakes that fuse orchestral and rock as well as other music elements. As for this time’s principal track, it’s called "Today" ((Disc 1 – Track 1). Also featuring the theme song 1178 of the promising silver screen release Hanbando (starring Jo Jae Hyeon and Cha In Pyo), Why Be? offers a musical journey that crosses YB’s rock roots. – credits to YesAsia

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Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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