Aug 10, 2006

The film "Lump of Sugar" starring Im Soo-jung has been released to compete with "The Host," which has drawn more than 7 million viewers in just 12 days after its release on July 27, breaking the record of the most number of viewers drawn in the shortest period of time.

"Lump of Sugar" opened in 270 theaters nationwide on Thursday, when the number of theaters showing "The Host" started to be reduced. Some 700 theaters had wanted to show "The Host," but the distributor limited the number to 620 and attached a condition that the movie would be shown for 14 days.

Now "Lump of Sugar," the story about the racing horse named Cheondung, is overtaking "The Host," which deals with a monster in the Han River, in advance ticket sales on the internet movie site MaxMovie.

Another reason for the great interest in the competition between the two films is that their distributors, CJ Entertainment and Show Box, are Korea’s biggest film distribution companies.