Aug 11, 2006

KBS presenter No Hyun-jung and Hyundai heir Chung Dae-sun formally announced the date for their big day on Thursday and publicized the official version of their whirlwind romance. The announcement came in the form of a press release through Hyundai Motor affiliate BNG Steel, where Chung works.

According to the statement, Chung was a big fan of the show "Old & New," which featured No, during his time in the U.S., and was first introduced to her by a friend in early June. Then in August, Chung suddenly proposed. No was reportedly swept off her feel by Chung’s generous personality, while Chung was hooked on No’s beautiful manners and sophistication.

No accepted the proposal and wedding plans progressed rapidly.

The couple and their parents met at a Seoul hotel on Tuesday to discuss the plans. They originally thought of Jan. 6 as a date for the wedding, but Chung’s mother opined that since they had already made up their minds to tie the knot, they might as well do it sooner, so the date was set for Aug. 27.

The service will be held at the Seoul Hyatt before the couple leave for the U.S., where No will take classes along with her husband. She is to take a leave of absence from her jobs at KBS while her husband finishes his MBA and plans to attend a language school in Boston.

The couple have so far been unable to ask the formal blessing of Chung’s uncle, Hyundai Automotive Group chairman Chung Mong-koo, who took care of Chung and his brothers since his father died in 1990. However, the chairman’s wife has reportedly been involved in the wedding plans from the start.

The statement concludes with the couple’s promise to be a model couple as they start their happy life together.