8/9/06 – Son Tae Young (손태영) and Park Shi Yun (박시연, 27) act in the large-scale 100-episode historical drama “Yun Gae So Moon (연개소문, 淵蓋蘇文)”.

Son Tae Young starts appearing in episode 20 scheduled to be aired in September. She plays the role Hong Bool Hwa (홍불화) who is the first wife of young Yun Gae So Moon (played by Lee Tae Gon) as well as the cousin of Lee Se Min (played by Lee Joo Hyun). Hong Bool Hwa is an energetic woman actively involved in her husband’s career.

Park Shi Yun plays the role (천관녀, 天官女), an official dancing girl (a kind of Korean Geisha) in palace, serving for General Kim Yoo Shin (김유신, 金庾信). She will appear from episode 11 to 30. From year 2002 to 2004, PSY acted in a few Chinese dramas such as “The Phoenix Seeks His Mate (봉구황, 鳳求凰)”, “Lotus Lantern (보련등, 寶蓮燈)”, and “Precious Horse (한혈보마, 汗血寶馬)” in which her voices were dubbed over in Mandarin. PSY started filming for “Yun Gae So Moon” on 7/20.