8/11/06 – On 8/11, MBC announces that the historical drama “Joo Mong” has been exported to Japan, China, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand (일본, 중국, 필리핀, 싱가포르, 홍콩, 태국). MBC is also planning to export the drama to Vietnam and Taiwan.

Park Jae Bok (박재복), the assistant manager of MBC Overseas Business Team, states, “After the broadcasting of ‘Dae Jang Geum’ wrapped up, we signed export contracts with many countries totaling around 10 billion Won. Now, even in the middle of the broadcasting of ‘Joo Mong”, we have signed export contracts up to 3 billion Won. In this speed, the total income of exporting ‘Joo Mong’ may exceed that of ‘Dae Jang Geum’.” In Japan, ‘Joo Mong’ will be aired by KNTV, the satellite channel of Fuji TV. In June, the news media of Brazil, Slovenia, Czech, and Egypt (브라질, 슬로베니아, 체코, 이집트) visited the filming site of “Joo Mong” and introduced the drama via news coverage.