Aug 14, 2006

The Japanese media has praised Korean stars for their generous donations for flood victims.

Oricon & Entertainment World reported Sunday that Korean stars including actors Bae Yong-jun and Song Seung-heon donated a huge amount of money for flood victims.

Singer Kim Dong-wan, a member of the group Shinhwa, contributed 150 million won to the KBS benefit program “Request of Love” and asked it to use the money for flood victims, Oricon & Entertainment World said.

Actor Song Seung-heon sent 50 million won to KBS as a donation for flooding victims, saying that he hoped he could provide a little help to the victims. Song is serving in the military in Inje, Gangwon Province, which was hard hit during this summer’s rainy spell.

Actors Bae Yong-jun, Lee Byeong-heon and Yoo Ji-tae also donated 200 million won, 100 million won and 30 million won, respectively, Oricon & Entertainment World reported.

Korean entertainers are as generous as Hollywood stars in charity activities, the Japanese media company said. Some people downplay the goodwill activities of stars as a strategy to promote their own image. But many people view them favorably, since such acts have been shown to positively impact adolescents, it said.