Aug 16, 2006

Sohn Ho-young, a former member of the male band GOD, will make a comeback as a solo artist after a year-long hiatus.

Sohn will release his ambitious first solo album, entitled “Yes,” in mid-September. The singer has devoted much time and effort to his debut solo album, which includes songs of diverse genres, such as funk, rhythm and blues, medium tempo pop and ballads. Sohn also expressed new vocal and breathing techniques in the album in a break from the techniques that he had used for seven years as a member of GOD. Those who participated in his album’s recording praised his new singing skills.

Sohn also personally wrote several of the songs, displaying his skills as a musician that he has acquired so far.

Singer Park Seon-ju, the producer of Sohn’s album and his vocal trainer, said Sohn was the most energetic student she has taught so far, and spoke highly of his efforts and talent.

The preliminary recording of the album was finished August 11. The recording company and Sohn’s agency are reportedly discussing the final details of the deal, but Sohn wants to re-record a couple of songs to ensure the top quality of his album.

Sohn will give solo concerts on September 30 and October 1 at the Olympic Stadium.

Currently, the singer is visiting Hong Kong for a photo shoot.