"Honestly, I wanted to go watch ‘The Host’ but for some reason it made me hesitate. I guess I did not want to add another number to the audience record," said Lee Jun Gi, the super rookie who got rose to stardom by starring in the movie ‘King and the Clown’ (Producer; Lee Jun Yik Developer; Eagle Pictures, Cine World).

‘King and the Clown’ has a top record of viewers in Korea (12,300,000 viewers). However, ‘The Host’ is chasing fast after ‘King and the Clown.’ This can be threatening for Lee Jun Gi and his staff, especially when ‘The Host’ is setting records for ‘the most number of viewers in the least amount of time’ everyday.

"After I heard about the breaking records of ‘The Host,’ I realized that this movie (The Host) is what’s on the top of the list nowadays," the super rookie added.

It certainly does sound like he is right. ‘The Host’ is still breaking the record everyday as we speak and hear.

It’s only matter of time.

Lee Jun Gi has finished filming ‘Fly Daddy’ and now he is currently filming ‘Magnificent Vacation’ (Producer Kim Ji Hoon, Developer Gi Hwoek Si Dae), a story of a family in 1980 during (5.18 ) revolution in Gwang Joo, Korea.

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